Yo I cant wait to live with someone I love cause then when I come home from work and collapse on the bed from exhaustion, they will come and lay down with me and my world will feel so damn perfect.

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I’ve had such a positive day today and I feel happy which is good for once.

I woke up and went out a run around 9am, came home for food, did online homeware shopping for the flat, did housework, did a floor work out, a power walk to work etc.

I also had a really fantastic shift at work because I felt I was amazing at my job. I’m really close with everyone at work and since they are all my friends and all adults - that gives me so much confidence in myself. The fact that these adults call me a close friend is so great since with my home life it can really feel like adults hate me. They are all starting to realise I am leaving in a week and starting to miss me. Also, the regulars that come in and talk to me every week have been asking constantly about me moving and saying how much I will be missed. It’s surprising and really touching. A lot of the elderly that come in only come in really for a couple of chips and somebody to talk to so I feel quite sad. I’ve gotten to know my regulars pretty well so I will miss them. 

I’ve been really good and healthy today - and yeah yeah I know don’t brag give it a few weeks. But I had a good healthy lunch and a good healthy dinner and burned most of that off leaving enough empty calories to be losing weight for my goal. Happy Happy. 

Oh and Max went to the flat today without me and done some DIY alone, stocked our kitchen with stuff like dried foods (cereal, pasta, blah blah) and did a big clean. It’s getting exciting now!