Anonymous said : "What is your favorite quote in the book, which one is the most beautifully written and profound?"

I can’t even choose. Every line in that book is important. That is what is so special. 

Anonymous said : "Why did you start reading it? For a class?"

I just heard a lot about it so decided to read it. 

Anonymous said : "Are you chilled out"

Well I am trying to after work.

Anonymous said : "What's Lolita really about? Because you said it's your favourite book and so I looked into reading it, but the plot summary seemed like it was about an older man having some sexually desire towards a girl...which I'm not really comfortable reading. What is your view on the book?"

It is hands down in my opinion the best book I have ever had the pleasure of reading. It is uncomfortable at parts yes. It is not supposed to be a book glamorizing paedophilia in any shape or form. It is so cleverly written that you almost forget (Humbert Humbert the main character and the voice of the book) is the ‘bad guy’. It is actually really really really difficult to explain why this is so without reading the book. I really do not enjoy romantic books and this is in no way romantic. Just for the note: Humbert Humbert doesn’t just have sexual feelings towards Lolita. That you would probably need to read for yourself. He is the most complex character I have ever encountered and at the end you kinda kick yourself after for how complex he is. I will give you a quick plot:

  • It has an almost fake foreword that goes into the events that will follow; explaining that the laywer of the author handed him this book to be published but the author is now dead in prison. 
  • It establishes a little bit of the workings of Humbert Humbert’s brain by talking about his early childhood where his first love in his teenage years suddenly dies with typhus. They never get it on and the thought of his young love being lost forever haunts him. He also here goes on to describe that he does not lust after all young girls - it is a particular type named a nymphet. He coins this type I could be wrong there). 
  • He needs somewhere to stay in America (being English) and goes to lodge with a lady and her daughter. 
  • This is where he meets lolita. He actually falls in love with Lolita. 
  • Lolita is a big asshole of a kid and Humbert is reaaaaaally hella handsome and gentlemen like to Americans. Lolita’s Mum quickly falls in love with Humbert so asks him to leave in a letter unless he wants to be with her. Humbert stays and gets with the Mum so he doesn’t loose Lolita.
  • Lolita’s mum finds out about Humberts obsession with her daughter in a diary where he writes about her and how he hates the Mum (the mum and humbert are actually married at this point). The mother goes to post letters to then leave him and the house and take lolita but dies when hit by a car.
  • During this fight and death Lolita is actually at a summer girls camp so Humbert picks her up and goes on the run with her across America in the car. 
  • It is here when Lolita is the one perusing Humbert sexually as she is the primary inciator of them actually having sex. In fact straight after ebing picked up for the first time she actually mounts him in the car and kisses him very passionatley. 
  • It turns out Lolita was having sex in the summer camp with a helper man named Charlie. 
  • Humbert ends up being a cross between a father figure and sleeping with Lolita as the sleeping with seems to slowly fade and he begins to loathe himself entirely for it. He puts her into a school and he becomes a teacher etc - start living normal lives.
  • Lolita starts using Humbert’s love/lust/guilt over her for herself to get more pocket money etc (to then run away).
  • They end up going on the run again as Lolita starts hanging around with normal boys her age and being a brat etc. 
  • Then they get followed by somebody.
  • Lolita leaves.
  • She grows up.
  • There is a murder. 
  • There is an ending. 

Basically it is not entirely all monologue about young girls and sex. It turns into a crime/mystery story. I will emphasise again that this is in no way going aw yeah this is an okay thing to do. It decoratively and beautifully writes itself the other way throughout the story until the very end. It is also a dark comedy. Humbert Humbert himself can be very funny - that is why it is so dark. It is written with the trick that in many ways within the book you see Humbert Humbert as the lesser of the two evils and even forget sometimes that he is the bad guy or that he never was Lolita’s father to begin with. The part where Lolita has grown up and is pregnant with a child and married with somebody else is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever read in my entire life. 


Maybe one day we’ll meet again when we’re different people.

Maybe then we’ll be better for each other.

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